Wednesday Morning QB (Wild Card Weekend)

The playoffs are underway in the NFL and they provided almost everything that could happen in an NFL game. There was a convincing win and a comeback as well as a bitter rivalry. There were young quarterbacks and veterans facing off while some players may have been entering their last games with their teams. It was a weekend full of great stories but the predominant storylines were those of two teams trying to end a long history of postseason futility.

Wednesday Morning QB (Wild Card Weekend)

The NFL regular season is fun and gets people exciting but it is the playoffs that every fan, player, coach, and executive waits for. The playoffs are the most exciting time in the NFL and they would come this week in the form of the Wild Card playoffs. The regular season would shape these playoffs as teams rose and fell and in the end 6 teams from each conference would get the chance to play in the extended season. The regular season would also shape where the games would be played as teams all fought for home field advantage.

Wednesday Morning QB (Wild Card Playoffs)

The Wild Card weekend has come and gone with four teams moving on the divisional playoffs and one step closer to the Super Bowl. The week was full of great games as superstars faced off and the best teams in the league faced off in winner take all battles. That was not the dominant story though as the biggest story of Wild Card Weekend was the retirement of one of the greatest linebackers in NFL history.

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