Football HOF Profile: Willie Roaf

The New Orleans Saints have been through a lot since they were established in 1967 as they have struggled since the start. At first it was the perils of an expansion NFL team that could not afford the top players and ended up struggling for a few years. For the first few years the Saints struggled to put together wins but much of that was expected.

Football HOF Profile: Chris Doleman

On the defensive side of the ball there are many different disciplines and positions that require a specific set of skills. For the defensive backs there needs to be speed and the ability to react quickly. For linebackers there needs to be the ability to read a play and the ability to hit hard when a play comes your way. For the defensive lineman it is all about gap control and filling any area that a running back can get to.

Football HOF Profile: Dermontti Dawson

There is no sport in the world that involves more team play than football as everyone needs to do their job to make a play. Despite this there are only a handful of players who truly get the glory in the sport. These players are known as the skill players and can essentially be defined as those players who touch the ball.

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