Wednesday Morning QB (Week 2)

This week was supposed to be an article about a new trend in the NFL but then a sad story arose just after the end of the second week in the league. The story was that of the death of Steve Sabol a person that many casual fans may not know but someone that has shaped the way we view all sports.

HOF Profile: Ed Sabol

The third installment in the Hall of Fame Profiles is moving away from the players and instead goes to the contributor category. Ed Sabol is one of the most important figures in NFL history and he didn’t even start out in football. Imagine watching the NFL with a single camera at the 50 yard line. Imagine watching NFL without any insight into the coaching and player personalities. Imagine NFL with no replay and with no great quotes form great players. Well that is the NFL without Ed Sabol. Before Ed Sabol came into the NFL picture the NFL was a small league with a small following that was behind baseball in terms of popularity in the United States. Then Ed Sabol created Blair Studios and offered double the amount of money to film the 1962 NFL Championship game. From then on the NFL was changed forever as Ed Sabol was on his way to creating NFL Films.

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