Wednesday Morning QB (Championship Weekend)

The playoffs have not provided the close games that everyone is accustomed to when the best teams face-off but there is still a game left to save this version of the playoffs.

Wednesday Morning QB (Divisional Weekend)

The NFL Playoffs have not been as exciting as they could be with mismatches every week but the conference championships could change things as four teams playing at a high level could make for some great games.

Wednesday Morning QB (Championship Weekend)

Championship Weekend in the NFL is over and out of the conference title games came two teams led by two quarterbacks sitting on opposite sides of the career spectrum.

Wednesday Morning QB (Championship Weekend)

The Conference Championships would take the focus this week in the NFL with two of the biggest matchups of the year. It was the way many had envisioned that the playoffs would travel and the way that many hoped it would work out. In the AFC it was the top team in Denver welcoming the #2 team in New England for a chance to play in the Super Bowl. The Broncos and Patriots were seen as the two teams that were considered the two best teams heading into the season.

Wednesday Morning QB (Conference Finals)

The Quarterback is a very important part of an NFL team as they lead the offence and can be the reason for winning and losing. As teams move into the playoffs the position becomes more important as they are looked to for leadership of the entire team. Without a good QB that can guide the team to the ultimate goal, a Super Bowl Championship.

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