Not the Night for Home Fans (UFC Fight Night 43 Review)

As the UFC travelled to New Zealand at UFC Fight Night 43 a number of fighters would learn what it was like to fight in front of their home crowds. It is something that many fighters have lived through with the UFC continuing to travel all over the world and featuring fighter from the countries in every international fight. The New Zealand Fighters would get their first experience at this and many Australian fighters would get theirs. Fighting at home is a mixed bag for fighters as it provides a more stable training camp with less travel and less adjustment but can also provide plenty of distractions for the fighters. When fighting at home the familiarity of the country or the city can be comforting for fighters.

UFC Fight Night 43 Preview

The Middleweight division will add two contenders to one of the toughest divisions in the UFC when James Te Huna and Nate Marquardt face off in New Zealand. For James Te Huna it will be his first ever fight at middleweight after spending the rest of his career at Light Heavyweight. After entering the UFC in 2010 Te Huna began to establish himself as a potential contender for the Light Heavyweight belt. He could never put together enough wins to get a title shot with his biggest win streak at four fights.

A Grudge Ends (UFC 158 Review)

UFC 158 was a time that many fans and two fighters would finally bury the hatchet and bring an end to a long time grudge. Georges St. Pierre has been the champion for years and is widely considered one of the best fighters in the world. He is not without a few detractors though and one of the loudest was Nick Diaz who would call out the champion while St. Pierre was injured.

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