MLB Week in Review (September 14-20)

With just over a week left in the MLB season the playoff picture is becoming much more clear with teams beginning to clinch. Two spots have been taken so far in the postseason while the remaining teams continue to drop out of the race. The Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers would be the first teams to punch their tickets to the postseason with plenty more to follow in the next week of games.

MLB Week in Review (August 25-31)

The MLB has officially entered its last full month of the regular season as the postseason runs kick into overdrive. Teams have at this point figured out where they stand as some teams are looking to 2013, others are looking to the postseason, and even more are fighting until the last day. As the teams begin to prepare more for their eventual fate the September 1st date become that much more important.

MLB Week in Review (August 4-10)

As the final months of the season begin the MLB is seeing a decision made in the preseason pay off in a big way. The 2011 MLB season ended in spectacular fashion with two teams from each league fighting for their respective wild card.

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