MLB Week in Review (August 11-17)

The MLB is a slow league to change but the demand is growing for the league to change the way umpiring is done by establishing an automatic strike zone and taking the human element out of the game.

MLB Week in Review (April 14-20)

Every league receives criticism for their ability to enforce the rules but the MLB is receiving more than usual after one umpire, in particular had a rough week with a lot of people wondering if there will be any action taken to correct the problem.

MLB Week in Review (May 25-31)

Almost a year to the day The Sport Addiction would post a MLB Week in Review about a seemingly constant problem in baseball. In fact it seems to be a constant factor in more than just the MLB with as every major league seems to be going through the same thing. Officials, Referees, or Umpires are all some of the most talked about people in sports.

MLB Week in Review (May 26 – June 1)

I rarely like writing about the same thing twice in a row but I will make an exception for this week’s MLB review. The exemption is mainly due to the fact that this story has dominated the MLB newswire for the better part of two weeks. That is the umpire debate as the umpires in the MLB have been taking some major punishment over the last few weeks.

MLB Week in Review (May 19-25)

I have said time and time again that the MLB is the most stubborn unchangeable leagues in North America. The MLB is not a fan of change as they have fought against changing many parts of the game in order to preserve their connection to history. One of the biggest issues in the MLB is the fact that they refuse to change the aspect of human error.

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