Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 7)

Special Teams can usually be an overlooked aspect of football but in the CFL it can’t be as it is one of the most important and exciting part of the Canadian game.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 19)

The CFL season is finally finished as two teams look to 2013 and six teams look to the coming weeks to enter the history books. This year the playoffs will mean that much more as teams have a chance to win the 100th Grey Cup. It will be a great playoff season and a legendary Grey Cup that will go down as one of the biggest no matter who is in it.

CFHOF Profile: Milton Stegall

Every now and then special talents come about in sports and they light up the league as one of the best players in the world at their position. More often than not in football these special talents tend to find their way to the NFL one way or another. They either get noticed quickly in the NCAA ranks and are drafted by the NFL or they are not noticed and use the CFL as a way to get to the NFL.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 1)

The CFL season officially kicked off this Canada Day weekend as teams finally got to the real games on their way to the Grey Cup. There was plenty to talk about as it was the first chance to see the changes on each team and how they will look in the regular season. The biggest talk surrounded the apparent power shift to the Eastern Division.

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