Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 17)

The NFL season would end with a bang in Week 17 with plenty on the line with the last game left to play. there were teams looking to hold onto a playoff spot while others were looking to takeover a spot. Every team seemed to have something to play for and they would all fight to the end. Unlike other years the NFL would see only one team rest their players as every other team was playing for something.

Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 14)

The playoff race is having its affect as week 14 in the NFL was a wild one with teams fighting and giving everything they had to win the game. It was a week where teams would make a statement as to whether they were ready for the playoffs or not. Teams would brave the weather conditions to take home wins and some would even try to overcome controversy to get what they needed to stay alive in the playoff hunt. As the games wind down with only three weeks of the season left every game is becoming more important.

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