Wednesday Morning QB (Week 14)

The NFL continues to try to deal with injuries as best they can and yet there is still an attitude about the new rules they are passing despite a Week 14 that saw some very scary injuries that prove the game needs adjustments.

HOF Profile: Marshall Faulk

There are few running backs in the league that are equally effective in the run and the pass game as many can only master one. To be the most valuable running back you can there are three aspects that you have to be successful at. That is running, catching, and blocking and unfortunately many running backs have gone closer to the running and away from the blocking and the catching. There are very few RBs that could do it all and there are even less today with the advent of the two back system where both RBs have specific skills that the team will use. With the almost extinction of these three tool backs one of this year’s Hall of fame inductees might go down as the last great three tool back in the NFL. Marshall Faulk was a dominant force and easily the best RB during his playing time.

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