NHL Week in Review (Nov. 13-19)

The NHL has always been a different league than most as it expresses the virtues of frontier justice. The NHL has always been a league that takes out their indiscretions on the ice through the physicality of the game. This is the basis of fighting in the NHL as fighting has been a way to solve issues on the ice between the two tough guys or one tough guy and the cause of the problem.

HHOF Profile: Mark Howe

Being the son of a man with the stature of Gordie Howe can have its problems with standards of play. Gordie Howe was player of a different time and yet a player still used as a measuring stick for toughness. Howe is generally mentioned alongside the Bobby Orr’s and Wayne Gretzky’s of the NHL but is a different breed. The only thing you really need to know about Gordie Howe is that his name is now used as an accomplishment in the NHL. A Gordie Howe hat trick in the NHL is when a player gets and assist, goal, and a fight in one game.

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