Olympic Preview: 5 Stories to Watch

The Olympics are only a couple of days away and after twelve days of sport previews it is time to take a look at the Overall stories of the Olympics. The Olympics are the centre of the sports world for two weeks in the summer every four years as nothing else seems to matter.

Olympic Preview: Court Sports

The Court sports are another set of sports that sees teams of athletes compete together to win a gold medal. The one difference between these sports and the field sports is pretty simple these sports are played on courts instead of fields.

Olympic Preview: Cycling

Cycling is a classic sport that goes back centuries with a events like the Tour de France a part of sport lore. It all started with the road cycling that was a simple test of endurance and speed on smooth roads while going up and down massive hills. Eventually people would push the envelope as they moved from the roads into a stadium, now known as the Velodrome.

Olympic Preview: Target Sports

Target Sports are those sports that involve an athlete aiming some apparatus at a target, sometimes while the target is trying to fight back. The Target events can be split into two unique groups even though there are only three sports in the group.

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