2013-14 NHL Preview: Central Division (Part 1)

The new Central Division is not the same as it once was with the top two teams taken away from the group. The Central Division had been built off of the rivalry between Detroit and Chicago but that is no longer there. The Chicago Blackhawks remain in the Central Division while the Detroit Red Wings move to the Eastern Conference.

NHL Week in Review (June 16-22)

The NHL season is a little stranger than usual with such a compressed time frame to get everything done. This is being seen this year as the Stanley Cup Finals are still going on and every other team is in offseason mode. Along with talk about a great series between Chicago and Boston the news continues to flow in from the other teams are the league.

NHL Week in Review (February 17-23)

The NHL is constantly looking to evolve and are unlike many other sports leagues in North America when it comes to evolution. The NHL is attempting to be a force in the USA and to do that they know that they need to evolve. Unlike the MLB or the NFL the NHL is constantly looking to be a new more improved league that more and more people want to watch.

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