UFC 150 Preview

After a great night of fights on Fox the UFC is set for a string of big title fights in the next two months. It will all start with the Lightweight Title fight between Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar. UFC 150 will feature this rematch of two of the best lightweight fighters in the world as Henderson defends his belt for the first time against the man he took it away from.

Decisions, Decisions; Until the Main Event

UFC 136 had a thrilling card with a full card of good fights and many of them saw the full three, or five, rounds. On the entire card the fans saw three finished fights while the rest finished in a decision. Usually this can be boring but not in Houston as every fight was good and meant something to every fighter involved. Of course the biggest fights were at the end of the night when two belts were up for the taking. The Featherweight Title and the Lightweight Title were both up for grabs as the UFC saw two very quick and tough fights.

UFC 136 Preview

The UFC has seen almost every title has been up for grabs in the past few weeks with a long streak of events. It started with UFC Rio where Anderson Silva successfully defended his Middleweight Title in front of his home crowd against Yushin Okami. After one free event the action really started with two events in a row both with title fights. Jon Jones was able to defend his Light Heavyweight belt against Quinton Rampage Jackson at UFC 135. The last week Dominick Cruz successfully defended his Bantamweight Title against Demetrious Johnson at UFC Live 6.

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