CIS Football Report (Week 7)

When the 2015 CIS season began the league was looking at a potential shift in the dominant teams throughout the country.

2015 CIS Football Preview: Road to the Vanier Cup

Last year the CIS went to Montreal to celebrate a milestone as the 50th Vanier Cup was a celebration of CIS football.

2015 CIS Football Preview: RSEQ Conference

The RSEQ has been one of the most boring conferences in the history of the CIS as there has rarely been much competition at the top.

2015 CIS Football Preview: Can Change Continue to Rule?

The CIS has been a league where top teams have continued to dominate their respective conferences without much room for new teams to make an impact.

CIS Football Report (2013 Season in Review)

The CIS Season is officially over and the hardware has been handed out with not a whole lot changing. The season began with the Big Four and talk of the four repeat champions as questions arose as to who could continue their runs in their conferences. Changes would be seen but in the end the result was much the same as everyone had seen before. Two of the big four would last to the end of the season and both were the two teams that had much more than a three-peat at stake.

The Dominance Continues (49th Vanier Cup Review)

The Laval Rouge et Or would come into the 49th Vanier Cup as the clear favorites and as the most dominant team in the CIS. They have been a team that it seems can never be beat as they have only lost a handful of times since they won their first Vanier Cup in 1999. Since the Université Laval first established their football program in 1995 they have quickly become a powerhouse. Winning 7 Vanier Cups and 11 RSEQ titles since they began the Rouge et Or are the model for how to build a football program.

49th Vanier Cup Preview

In the year of the Big Four it seems only fitting that the only two big four teams remain fighting to the last game of the season. The Calgary Dinos and the Laval Rouge et Or are the two teams that have survived through the CIS season to earn their spot in the Vanier Cup and it seems no surprise that they are left as the only two teams left. The season would begin with the stories of the Big Four teams who were all going for at least three conference titles in a row.

CIS Football Report (CIS Semi-Finals Week)

The CIS season is at an end with only one more game left before the best team in the country is determined at the 49th Vanier Cup. Before any team could punch their ticket to Quebec City for the championship they would have to go through the Uteck and Mitchell Bowls. That would bring about the Bowl week in CIS football and a week that perfectly expresses the system that the CIS uses to ensure the two best teams in the country make it to the championship.

2013 CIS Bowl Preview

The CIS season is almost over and four teams continue to play as the National Playoffs begin with the National Bowls. The Uteck and the Mitchell Bowl are set and ready to produce the potential Vanier Cup Champions. When the Vanier Cup was established in 1965 the top two teams in the country were invited to the championship

2013 Dunsmore Cup Preview

It is that time of the year again as the Laval Rouge et Or prepare to take another team photo at the end of a game with a trophy and a banner. It is the time of the year when the Laval Rouge et Or take home another Dunsmore Cup and begin to prepare for a run at the Vanier Cup. It has become almost a November tradition as the Rouge et Or have not lost a Dunsmore Cup in the last 10 years.

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