For King and Country

The UFC travelled to Britain for the 20th time and they featured British talent looking to highlight just how far British MMA has come from the original days.

Breaking New Ground in Korea (UFC FN 79 Review)

The UFC broke into a new market once again taking the greatest show in MMA to South Korea where two welterweights looked to make an impact.

UFC Fight Night 79 Preview

Former champion Benson Henderson continues his pursuit of another title in his second welterweight fight at UFC Fight Night 79.

Emotional Night for Servicemen and Women (UFC Fight for the Troops Review)

The sports world loves to compare the act of playing a sport to a battle and to war as the comparisons are constant. Every close game is considered a battle and players consider themselves entering a war when they get ready to play. It is a very common comparison and in some ways it is understood.

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