Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 18)

The CFL is very close to the finish line with only one week to go in the regular season and the Grey Cup just around the corner. As is usual with the CFL there has been little decided with plenty of opportunity to change the look of the playoffs. So far all of the playoff teams have clinched with the Toronto Argonauts and the Saskatchewan Roughriders out of the playoffs. Both teams are out of the playoffs this year but that did not stop them from making the most noise this week.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 9)

The CFL has finished their second bye week and so comes the tradition of the Labour Day Weekend. Labour Day has been the biggest weekend in Canadian football, besides Grey Cup weekend, for years as it marks the official halfway mark of the year. As the CFL moves into the second half many moves will be done. One big moment is the return of NFL players as NFL training camp winds down and some former CFL players that went to tryout get cut and come back to the CFL to play the rest of the season.

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