U Sports Football Report (Conference Finals)

The U Sports football season hasn’t been the most exciting but Championship weekend changed things with one of the major programs falling in their biggest game of the year.

CIS Football Report (Semi-Finals)

CIS Football was officially in playoff mode this week as every conference held the semi-finals of their conference. It is the best time of year as the best teams face off with everything on the line. If they lose they go home with nothing but a playoff spot to boast about but if they win they live to fight another day in the CIS season. The regular season doesn’t matter in the playoffs besides the deciding what field you play on.

CIS Football Report (Conference Finals)

The CIS playoffs continued this week with the conference finals taking place as teams looked to win their conference. With a win the teams would move one step closer to Vancouver and the Vanier Cup as they will enter the National playoffs. It all kicked off on Friday when the CanWest wrapped up their season with the Hardy Cup between the Calgary Dinos and the UBC Thunderbirds.

Huskies Set to Repeat (AUS Preview)

They do it differently in the East Coast of Canada but the one thing they do very well is play football. There are only four teams in the AUS Football league but they all have a history that other schools can’t match. Every one of the teams has made an appearance in the Vanier Cup and three of the four have one the big prize. None of these teams has a bigger history than the St. Mary’s Huskies who have made it to a total of nine Vanier Cups. They have a total record of 3-6 in the big game and are repeatedly a favorite to make it every year.

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