New Year, New Opportunities (UFC Fight Night 34 Review)

The UFC would kick off 2014 with their first fight in Southeast Asia as a new year marks a new opportunity for the UFC and for fighters in the UFC. Unlike many sports the UFC does not have a season as they run year by year and so when a new year comes along it marks an unofficial new start for many fighters. The year will begin a year for some fighters to try and make an impression and will give plenty of opportunities.

UFC Fight Night 34 Preview

The UFC will start the New Year in a bit of a message for what their plans are for the future of the sport. The UFC will travel to Singapore on January 4th in the first fight of the year and the first of many that is not timed for North America. The UFC is looking at 2014 with eyes wide open about how they can continue to grow the sport.

The Hometown Kid Comes Through (UFC 164 Review)

UFC 164 would honour a longtime and major sponsor as they would travel to the home of Harley Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They would do this to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the motorcycle company in the place that they were founded. The UFC would give their sponsors a good show overall with some great fights throughout the card but more importantly would bring in some hometown favorites to fight.

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