NHL Week in Review (October 1-5)

The NHL season is underway and it did not take very long for the storylines to be produced as only a few days into the season debates have already started and restarted. Only one game into the entire NHL season and the debate over fighting would become a major issue again. After George Parros was knocked out in the opening game of the season the fight debate would begin like it has every year with more pushback on fighting in hockey after the freak accident.

The Future of the Game Continues to Develop

The NHL held their second annual Research and Development Camp to look at new rules in the game. This idea started as through the NHL Lockout as a part of the development team in the NHL headed by Brendan Shanahan. The purpose of this camp is to look at a number of proposed rule changes that are meant to help the game. Proposals can be anything from icing rules to referee communication. It is the NHL’s way to remain at the cutting edge of the sports world and make the game better.

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