PFHOF Profile: Will Shields

There is a theme among the two lineman selected as a part of the Class of 2015 in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year, toughness.

PFHOF Profile: Bill Polian

Much like the senior nominees in the Hall of Fame executives have their own committee to evaluate if they belong.

PFHOF Profile: Mick Tingelhoff

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is not the toughest hall to get into as classes usually run around five people every year.

HOF Profile: Deion Sanders

The NFL is a league that seems to welcome and embrace personalities especially if the man attached to the personality is a great player. With some of the most popular and most polarizing figures in sports the NFL has almost made a living out of these players. Players like Chad Ochocinco, formerly Chad Johnson, or Terrell “T.O” Owens the NFL has been a place for many players to express themselves, even if they tend to get in trouble for it more often than not. Whether or not the commissioner of the NFL likes to have these outspoken characters many of them are the reason why the NFL is so popular. Without these personalities the NFL does not have the people to sell the game and without those people there would be a lot less fans who have a vested interest in the league. One player that got a lot of fans interested in the NFL was a man with a couple names including “Neon Deion,” and “Primetime.”

HOF Profile: Les Richter

In the first of seven Hall of Fame Profiles I decided to look at one of the senior nominees that many might not know. These senior nominees are very important to the history of the NFL as these nominees laid the ground work for many of the players today. These nominees played with some teams that are no longer around and do not have the stat lines of the current players, mainly because they did not keep the same stats in their time. These nominees also have some of the best stories like that of Leslie Alan Richter, better known as Les.

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