The Road to the Cup (NHL Preview)

The road to the Stanley Cup has already started as NHL teams have made their draft picks and made their offseason moves. Now comes the time for the real work as the teams begin their season and look to win the next Stanley Cup. There are plenty of favorites this year but it all depends on who you ask. The Fans all believe that their team can make it to the finals but only a few actually have a chance.

The Good but Forgotten Division (Pacific Division Preview)

The Pacific Division was the most successful division last year as they sent four of the five teams in the division to the playoffs. Unfortunately for the Dallas Stars they were the odd one out missing the playoffs. Meanwhile half of the playoff teams in the Western Conference were represented by the Pacific and that meant they had a good chance at making it far.

The Most Exciting Division of 2011? (Southeast Division Preview)

The Southeast division is home to some good teams including a perennial favorite and a scrappy young squad that surprised everyone. It also includes some bad teams that have been in financial trouble for years but continue to hang around. After this year the division will undergo an overhaul that is a result of a big change this year. Ignore the top right image on the puck as the Atlanta Thrashers are no longer a team and in their place is the long awaited return of the Winnipeg Jets.

Can the rest of the Division Keep up with Vancouver (Northwest Division Preview)

The Northwest Division is yet another division that features a load of Canadian teams and some good American ones. Almost every team in the division has won or been in the Stanley Cup Finals but recently the division has dipped. With two of the worst teams in the NHL and a two more teams that struggle to make the playoffs the division the Northwest has become a bit of a joke. The one good team though has kept them relevant as the Vancouver Canucks made the playoffs last year and went all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Can the Leafs Break the Streak (Northeast Division Preview)

The Northeastern Division has been one of the most successful divisions in the NHL with three of the original six teams. With the Leafs, Canadiens, and Bruins in the division the Northeastern division is one of the most watched in the NHL with the biggest pool of fans. Not only do they have the most loyal fans but they are also the teams with the most focus in terms of media. This means that the Senators and the Sabres tend to fall below the talk even though they have performed better than other teams in the division.

Can the Wings Remain Ageless (Central Division Preview)

The Central division has been ruled by two teams in the past years with the rest of the teams looking up. Last year however there was a new team that became the underdog story as the Nashville Predators took the second spot. The Predators were balanced by some gritty performances and were supported by the Stanley Cup Hangover. The Chicago Blackhawks were the 2009-10 season champions breaking one of the longest Stanley Cup drought since the NHL. Last year the Blackhawks suffered from the dreaded Stanley Cup hangover and had a bad season but still managed to make the playoffs.

Can the Flyers Buy the Division (Atlantic Division Preview)

The Atlantic Division is one of the up and downs as teams have been dominant at one point and less than so other years. Last year the dominance continued to shift to Pennsylvania and far away from the New York area. Last year the battle continued between the in state rivals in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The Pens and Flyers battled it out to a tie at the end of the season that gave the Flyers the division and the Penguins the 4 spot in the Eastern Conference.

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