HHOF Profile: Peter Forsberg

The NHL is an international league with players from all over the world playing in the biggest hockey league in the world. As more and more players from all parts of the world enter the NHL there seems to be little change in what these players represent. Time and time again players enter the NHL with a stigma attached to them based on where they are from.

NHL Week in Review (November 9-15)

Once again the fighting debate was sparked in the NHL but this time it was not started by a fight in the NHL. Instead it was a debate that began in the OHL where Connor McDavid injured himself getting into a fight. What makes that incident such an important one is the fact that Connor McDavid is one of the most hyped young hockey players ever. He is considered a “can’t miss” prospect in the NHL draft and many think he could be the next great player along the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby.

HHOF Profile: Dominik Hasek

Goaltenders are a strange breed and there is no denying that they are the guys that everyone gives their own space in the locker room. They are the one player in every team that has the strangest routine and the weirdest superstitions. Despite all of this they are also the guys who can make the biggest difference in a game. They can be a wall behind their defence that lets nothing through and gives a struggling offence more than enough time to put one goal in that can win the game.

HHOF Profile: Rob Blake

There is a constant debate about the requirements to get into a hall of fame and it generally all boils down to one main question. Does someone who does not win a championship belong in the hall of fame? It doesn’t matter what hall of fame you might be arguing about as every legendary player has this debate attached to them. For some winning a championship is the be all and end all of a hall of famer as nobody should be in the hall of fame without winning at least one championship.

HHOF Profile: Pat Burns

It is finally time for one of the greatest coaches in the NHL to enter the Hall of Fame but unfortunately he won’t be around to see it. Pat Burns is a fan favourite in every place that he worked as a hard working no-nonsense type of coach. That kept him in the hearts of the fans far after he retired. That love for the coach is what created a movement for Burns when he was nearing his Hall of Fame eligibility.

HHOF Profile: Bill McCreary

They are the most talked about and yet least respected group of people in any sport as referees rarely get a lot of respect. They regularly take the most abuse from every fan as they are never right in any of their calls depending on who ask. They are the people that are yelled at more than anyone else y the fans, the players, and the coaches. There is little end to the abuse that a referee can take and so it is a wonder that some last as long as they do.

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