HHOF Profile: Joe Sakic

Sports in general are full of big, strong, and athletic people who seem to be very different from the rest of us. You can tell when an athlete walks in to a room and it is usually because they are just so much bigger than everyone else. Every league looks for these types of people as they all want the biggest and strongest in their sport to play for them.

HHOF Profile: Mats Sundin

There are plenty of great leaders throughout the NHL and many of them find their way to the Hockey Hall of Fame when all is said and done. These players are the ones who can be on a team and bring a group of individuals together for one cause. There are plenty of forms of leaders as some may be outspoken while others leave their play to do most of the talking.

HHOF Profile: Pavel Bure

The NHL is a very international league that has players from many different countries around the world. The two nations that see the most players are the USA and Canada who both boast large numbers of players. These two countries also make-up two of the biggest and best hockey nations in the world but there is one other nation that boasts a great hockey tradition.

HHOF Profile: Adam Oates

The NHL is not in a great place right now as there is no hockey and won’t be any hockey in the near future. The next year and possibly more seems very uncertain as millionaires fight billionaires in a battle where only the fans lose. There is something to provide a distraction though as the Hockey Hall of Fame will welcome a new class.

A Tough Year for the Voters (HHOF Preview)

Hall of Fames are one of the biggest sources of debate in every sport throughout the world as everyone wants their favorites to be in. There are countless numbers of players who will never see the hall and should realistically never see the hall unless they pay for a ticket.

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