HHOF Profile: Eric Lindros

The NHL has been taken over by young stars but they aren’t the first to be stars when they were teenagers as Eric Lindros counts among one of the most hyped young stars in NHL history.

HHOF Profile: Sergei Makarov

Part of the mysterious Soviet Red Army Team Sergei Makarov was one of the greatest players ever but nobody got to see him in the NHL as his numbers aren’t amazing but his influence is beyond Hall of Fame worthy.

HHOF Profile: Pat Quinn

Coaching is a delicate balance of being a babysitter and a disciplinarian and the best bench bosses are the ones who can get the players to play for them which is exactly what Pat Quinn did.

HHOF Profile: Peter Karmanos Jr.

He may be a dividing figure in the game but Peter Karmanos Jr. brought hockey to a place it never should have worked and made it work.

NHL Week in Review (November 8-14)

Scoring in hockey is down but no matter what decisions the NHL makes to increase the scoring not much has ever worked.

HHOF Profile: Bill Hay

The man who made the calls to the Hockey Hall of Fame got his own plaque on Yonge Street as Bill Hay entered the hall that he worked for years before.

HHOF Profile: Angela Ruggiero

Another pioneer of women’s hockey entered the Hockey Hall of Fame among a growing list of great women’s players.

HHOF Profile: Phil Housley

After waiting for years Phil Housley finally made his way to the Hockey Hall of Fame as one of the greatest defenceman in the game.

HHOF Profile: Chris Pronger

He was considered the dirtiest player in the league and his career didn’t end well but Chris Pronger is still one of the best blue liners of all time.

HHOF Profile: Sergei Fedorov

He paved a way for the new generation as Sergei Fedorov was one of the best of the Russian invasion in the NHL during the 1990s.

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