HHOF Profile: Joe Sakic

Sports in general are full of big, strong, and athletic people who seem to be very different from the rest of us. You can tell when an athlete walks in to a room and it is usually because they are just so much bigger than everyone else. Every league looks for these types of people as they all want the biggest and strongest in their sport to play for them.

HHOF Profile: Mats Sundin

There are plenty of great leaders throughout the NHL and many of them find their way to the Hockey Hall of Fame when all is said and done. These players are the ones who can be on a team and bring a group of individuals together for one cause. There are plenty of forms of leaders as some may be outspoken while others leave their play to do most of the talking.

HHOF Profile: Doug Gilmour

The Leafs are one team in the NHL that is known throughout the league by every fan of the NHL although they might have different opinions of the Buds. The Leafs have the second most Stanley Cups in NHL history (13) with their rivals, the Montreal Canadiens, taking the top spot (24). Lately though this legend has been merely a history lesson as the Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup in since 1967 and have now missed the playoffs for 6 years.

HHOF: Joe Nieuwendyk

Leadership is a funny quality among people as it is very hard to quantify and there are a number of different ways to lead. In sports leadership is a much-needed aspect to any team as all teams wish to find leaders in order to keep their team together and for their team to play as one. There are plenty of leaders out there but again it is one of the strangest things to express as there is really no measurement.

HHOF Profile: Mark Howe

Being the son of a man with the stature of Gordie Howe can have its problems with standards of play. Gordie Howe was player of a different time and yet a player still used as a measuring stick for toughness. Howe is generally mentioned alongside the Bobby Orr’s and Wayne Gretzky’s of the NHL but is a different breed. The only thing you really need to know about Gordie Howe is that his name is now used as an accomplishment in the NHL. A Gordie Howe hat trick in the NHL is when a player gets and assist, goal, and a fight in one game.

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