Speed is King in Washington

UFC Live 6 made history for the UFC as it featured the first title fight on a free fight card ever as the Bantamweight title was up for grabs. The Bantamweight title is a fairly new title for the UFC that came about from the merger of the WEC into the UFC. The merger brought in a number of smaller fighters forcing the UFC to create two new weight classes and will bring a third new weight class in the near future. These new weight classes were the 145 Featherweights and the 135 Bantamweights and both saw new champions.

UFC Live 6 Preview

Last year the UFC added two weight classes and will be adding a new one soon and most of these changes came from the WEC. When WEC was absorbed into the UFC the 145 and 135 weight classes were created. These new weight classes had many groaning as they were thought to be boring with not power and no knockout ability. In fact the lighter classes have hosted some of the most exciting fights since entering the UFC last year. With the speed and technicality of these lighter fighters makes the fights they put on some of the most active and exciting fights in the UFC.

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