NHL Week in Review (January 4-10)

The NHL is a league that has been dominated by certain teams, although it is not always because of their performance on the ice. A few teams take headlines more than any other as they have some of the biggest and craziest fan bases in the league. The majority of these teams are in Canada where hockey is the main story on most days. The kings of this media attention are the two teams that had a major role in creating the league and the legends that make up the history of the NHL.

NHL Week in Review (March 17-23)

This past week the NHL General Managers would gather together in Toronto to talk about ways to improve the league. The General Managers meeting is usually met with some excitement and a lot more apprehension. The excitement comes with the fact that this meeting means talk of changing rules that many want to see changes. It means time to get into a discussion about the major issues facing the NHL today and how to correct them.

NHL Week in Review (Nov. 6-12)

Before 2005 the NHL had become a very defensive league where the offence was few and far between. This was in large part due to the allowance of hooking and holding as well as limiting the use of a stretch pass past two lines. These rules gave life to a new system in the NHL as the Neutral Zone Trap was created and slowed down the game more than ever.

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