2016 Sport Addiction Year in Review

2016 was a strange year for everyone as there was a lot of bad in the world but sports was there to provide an escape with plenty of great to go along with the not so great.

NHL Week in Review (June 5-11)

The Stanley Cup Finals continued but the hockey world took a break to recognise one of the greatest to ever play the game as Mr Hockey passed away.

NHL Week in Review (October 26-November 1)

The NHL has reached their first suedo-deadline of the season as it was time for the teams to make a decision on their young talent. Throughout the last few years young talent has been the key for many teams in making a difference. With the rise of the 20-somethings the league has become younger and a great young player can change everything about a team. The debate over whether to keep a young player in the league or send him back has become tougher and tougher every year with more young players having an impact.

HHOF Profile: Mark Howe

Being the son of a man with the stature of Gordie Howe can have its problems with standards of play. Gordie Howe was player of a different time and yet a player still used as a measuring stick for toughness. Howe is generally mentioned alongside the Bobby Orr’s and Wayne Gretzky’s of the NHL but is a different breed. The only thing you really need to know about Gordie Howe is that his name is now used as an accomplishment in the NHL. A Gordie Howe hat trick in the NHL is when a player gets and assist, goal, and a fight in one game.

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