PFHOF Profile: Ron Wolf

The builder category is an interesting group of people as executives can at one moment be a hero or at another moment be the enemy.

PFHOF Profile: Bill Polian

Much like the senior nominees in the Hall of Fame executives have their own committee to evaluate if they belong.

PFHOF Profile: Mick Tingelhoff

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is not the toughest hall to get into as classes usually run around five people every year.

Big Decisions for the Class of 2013

It’s that time of the year again as the NFL takes a one week break until the biggest game of the season and one of the biggest sporting events of the year. As the league takes a break from playing there are still plenty of events to look forward to. One of these events is the announcement of the new Hall of Fame Class that will enter Canton.

Football HOF Profile: Cortez Kennedy

There are many stories of those drafted in the lower rounds making their impact against all odds but there are also plenty of stories at the top of the draft. Being drafted in the first round is always a challenge as teams put a lot of faith into your abilities. Most of these players are considered the best of the best in college and are expected to make an immediate impact in the NFL.

Football HOF Profile: Dermontti Dawson

There is no sport in the world that involves more team play than football as everyone needs to do their job to make a play. Despite this there are only a handful of players who truly get the glory in the sport. These players are known as the skill players and can essentially be defined as those players who touch the ball.

Football HOF Profile: Jack Butler

The average career of an NFL football player is now 2.5 years meaning for many players they will not get their time to truly make an impact in the league. There are those who last much longer than the league average and are able to make their impacts over their time there. Then there are the few who make their impact immediately.

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