NHL Week in Review (Nov. 13-19)

The NHL has always been a different league than most as it expresses the virtues of frontier justice. The NHL has always been a league that takes out their indiscretions on the ice through the physicality of the game. This is the basis of fighting in the NHL as fighting has been a way to solve issues on the ice between the two tough guys or one tough guy and the cause of the problem.

HHOF Profile: Ed Belfour

Goalies are a unique brand of hockey player as they can be completely out of the play one second and the next be the focus of the play. It takes a special type of person to have frozen rubber pucks shot at him at speeds of close to 100 mph 20-30 times a game and not jump out of the way but instead get into their path. The goalie is one of the most important aspects to a team that wants to be successful as they form the last line of defence and can single handedly change the course of a game.

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