NHL Week in Review (Nov. 13-19)

The NHL has always been a different league than most as it expresses the virtues of frontier justice. The NHL has always been a league that takes out their indiscretions on the ice through the physicality of the game. This is the basis of fighting in the NHL as fighting has been a way to solve issues on the ice between the two tough guys or one tough guy and the cause of the problem.

HHOF Profile: Doug Gilmour

The Leafs are one team in the NHL that is known throughout the league by every fan of the NHL although they might have different opinions of the Buds. The Leafs have the second most Stanley Cups in NHL history (13) with their rivals, the Montreal Canadiens, taking the top spot (24). Lately though this legend has been merely a history lesson as the Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup in since 1967 and have now missed the playoffs for 6 years.

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