HHOF Profile: Dominik Hasek

Goaltenders are a strange breed and there is no denying that they are the guys that everyone gives their own space in the locker room. They are the one player in every team that has the strangest routine and the weirdest superstitions. Despite all of this they are also the guys who can make the biggest difference in a game. They can be a wall behind their defence that lets nothing through and gives a struggling offence more than enough time to put one goal in that can win the game.

NHL Week in Review (March 23-29)

The NHL Playoffs are approaching fast and playoff runs are ending with playoff spots shrinking fast for every team. This past week the Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues would be joined by a number of other teams in clinching a playoff spot. The Bruins and Blues were the first among the rest of the teams to clinch spots in the playoffs but there were many teams who sat right on the edge. These teams would finally take that step to the playoffs when a number of teams would get the wins they needed to clinch a berth.

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