Tuesday Morning QB (Week 16)

The CFL playoff race is quickly coming to a close as more and more teams take their spots in the 2012 playoffs. The games are becoming more important with every passing week as a win or a loss could mean the difference between clinching and being eliminated. Both divisions continue to fight it out for the playoff spots but one division seems to be having a harder time figuring things out.

TMQB: Thanksgiving Edition (Week 15)

The CFL season is just that much closer to the end as teams continue to fight it out for a playoff spot. The season is coming to a close but the playoff race is far from over as only one team has secured their spot so far. Even with the B.C. Lions becoming the first team to clinch a playoff spot they do not know where they will finish. The top spot in the West is still up for grabs and so is the east as nobody on in that division has clinched the division.

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