Underdogs Shine in Cincinnati (UFC Fight Night 40 Review)

The Middleweight division would once again take the centre stage in the UFC when two middleweights looking for the spotlight to shine their way. The main event of UFC Fight Night 40 would express the complete difference between two fighters that were both looking for the same thing. On one end was the mostly quiet although ultra-confident Matt Brown who has spent his entire career looking to get some respect without making a lot of noise.

UFC Fight Night 40 Preview

Every now and then fighters can fall into an area that no fighter likes to fall into as they become that good but forgotten fighter. These fighters have issues in getting much recognition despite the amount of wins they put together and most of the time it is because they do not have very amazing fights. It can also happen when a division is in the midst of a headline grabbing title run. That is the case in the welterweight division where the announcement of the semi-retirement of Georges St. Pierre.

A Chance to Impress in Duluth (UFC Fight Night 35 Review)

UFC Fight Night 35 would mark the first event in North America for the new year but it would be much more important for the fighters involved. Many would look at the fight card and see no major stars creating the assumption that it would be a bad fight card. That would not necessarily be true as every fighter on the card would have a reason to go all out in every fight. The names were not big but the stakes were as big for these fighters as many in the major fights.

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