Wednesday Morning QB (Week 10)

It has quickly become a main focus in the NFL and throughout the sports world and is the leading cause to the drop in amateur football registrations. It is the concussion issue that has been the topic of conversation among analysts and fans alike. It took a major hold in the 2010 season when one Sunday saw a number of players get knocked unconscious.

Top 11 of ’11: Canadian Sports Stories

Canada is a great and unique country and in 2011 we showed just how great and unique we were in the sports world. The Canadian Sports world is a unique one as there is a clear cut favorite that cannot be debated. BC is known as a baseball factory and the prairies are in love with their football but from East to West and North to South there is no bigger sport than hockey.

NHL Week in Review (Oct. 9-15)

Fighting in the NHL is an essential part to the game no matter what anyone would like to say about fighting being unnecessary in the game. Much like hitting in the NHL Fighting has been much maligned over the past years as the NHL tries to make their sport fan friendly for the audience. Removing fighting has been discussed many times but repeatedly has been met with resistance from players and fans. I am on the side of keeping fighting as it serves a purpose in hockey as a way to instantly change momentum by winning the fight or at least putting on a good show for your team and the fans.

NHL Week in Review (Oct. 6-8)

The NHL has gone through some changes this year after the growing concern over the injuries in the game. With Sidney Crosby remaining out due to a concussion the NHL has begun to take precautions in order to stop the head injury trend. With the NHL attempting to save a sinking ship in the U.S. they have also been attempting to make it friendlier for the consumer. This has led to the appointment of Brendan Shanahan as the Vice President of hockey and business operations or the simpler title of NHL disciplinarian. Shanahan has been at work in the last few weeks with a number of controversial hits so far.

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