CIS Football Report (Week 7)

With two conferences off the other two looked to get closer to the playoffs with the OUA seeing a rare week in the world of university football.

CIS Football Report (Week 6)

The final month of the CIS Football season is underway as the playoff race in every conference is heating up with new teams making themselves known and the old guard looking to keep their reigns alive.

CIS Football Report (Week 5)

A short season means every game becomes more important and for a number of teams the start of their years has been surprisingly great as they hope to set up for a big playoff run.

CIS Football Report (Week 4)

CIS Football saw some real broadcast time this week but they are hoping it is just the start of some extra exposure that they need to become a real part of the Canadian sports landscape.

CIS Football Report (Week 3)

The CIS is much like any other sport with highs and lows and the last two weeks expressed that perfectly as one of the most dominant teams in the country might be beginning to struggle.

CIS Football Report (Week 2)

The CIS season continues to get underway as two of the most dominant conferences got their season underway this week as they look to start their path to the Vanier.

CIS Football Report (Week 1)

The first week of the CIS season officially began with the OUA kicking things off as usual and one team putting the rest of the division on notice, at least for one week.

2016 CIS Season Preview

The CIS Football season is about to begin and the pursuit of a Vanier Cup begins again with the CIS looking to continue to grow and make University Football a staple in Canadian sports.

A New Era in the CIS

The UBC Thunderbirds are National Champions and it could be only the start to a strong number of years from the T-Birds.

51st Vanier Cup Preview

The Montreal Carabins were the unknown underdogs in 2014 but they move to the favourites against a team that hasn’t been in this position for a long time.

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