105th Grey Cup Preview

The story reads much the same as a year ago with an underdog team from the east taking on a powerhouse from the west, last year it ended up with an upset but a year can make a big difference.

Tuesday Morning QB (Off-Season Outlook)

With the champion being crowned the CFL is moving on to the 2017 season as every team has work to do if they want to be in Ottawa next November for the 105th Grey Cup.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 14)

The CFL is beginning to shape their postseason with only 5 weeks left but still nobody has clinched a playoff spot. The CFL is looking to be a fight to the end this year with every team able to make the playoffs. As the battle rages there are a couple of battles within the battle to earn a spot in the postseason. Both of the conferences in the CFL are still without a true leader as teams continue to battle for the top spots.

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