Tuesday Morning QB (Week 14)

There are only a few weeks left in the CFL season and so the last but most important part of the season begins. Every team has been fighting all year to put themselves in a position to easily take a playoff spot. Through streaks and great play some teams have put themselves in a great spot to make the playoffs but there is still a long path to go.

TMQB: Labour Day Edition (CFL Week 10)

Labour Day weekend did not disappoint the hype as the weekend provided a number of surprises. With the first half of the season officially finished teams began the long trek to the Grey Cup. The teams at the bottom of the league were trying to turn around their season and the top teams looked to keep their season going. Saskatchewan made the biggest change as they fired their head coach Greg Marshall and brought back last year’s head coach Ken Miller in order to turn their season around. The rest of the Western Conference was also trying turn things around except the Calgary Stampeders.

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