Tuesday Morning QB (Week 18)

The CFL is only one week away from the playoffs and the playoff race is almost over with almost all playoff spots taken. There is only one spot left as the Edmonton Eskimos and Hamilton Tiger-Cats continue to fight for the last playoff sport in 2012. The fight is not over with one week left for both teams to try and earn their spot.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 17)

The Toronto Argonauts are in a unique spot in 2012 as they have the opportunity to make history at home. With the 100th Grey Cup coming back to where it started in Toronto as the city who took home the first Grey Cup, Thanks to the University of Toronto Varsity Blues, began the season with some hope to get back to the big game.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 14)

There are only a few weeks left in the CFL season and so the last but most important part of the season begins. Every team has been fighting all year to put themselves in a position to easily take a playoff spot. Through streaks and great play some teams have put themselves in a great spot to make the playoffs but there is still a long path to go.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 13)

This week the Saskatchewan Roughriders announced their plans for a new stadium in the heart of Regina. The new stadium will mean the end to the old Mosaic Stadium one of the classic stadiums in the CFL. It also represents a brand new life for not only the Riders but the entire CFL as the trend of building new stadiums continues.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 12)

The CFL season has been a good one so far as teams begin to race for the playoffs and take one of the six spots available. Through the Labour Day weekend and the rematch week many teams discover just who they are. For some it was two weeks to show that they are a team to be taken seriously and for others it was a real wake up call.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 11)

It is getting to that point in the season were the true competitors are making themselves known in the CFL .Teams begin to really shape their playoff hopes at this moment in the season and begin looking to separate themselves from the rest of the league. Teams do this through one simple tactic and that is to win. To help them do this teams need true leaders who can come out on the field and change the game. It takes these players to win and to help teams to the Grey Cup and to help win the Grey Cup.

TMQB: Labour Day Edition (Week 10)

Labour Day is a special day in the schedule of the CFL season as it marks one of the biggest weeks of the season. The Labour Day weekend is a lot of things to the CFL as it marks a halfway point, a chance for rivals to face off, and for teams to begin coming back. Last year the Labour Day weekend was one of the most important for one team in particular.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 9)

The CFL Season is approaching its halfway point as Labour Day approaches and teams begin to gear up for the last half of the season. For some teams it is a matter of getting into a rhythm and starting to win while other teams require a lot more work. After Labour Day teams are essentially locked into their lot in the CFL as the bad teams find it too late to change anything for this season and good teams continue to roll. With that in mind many teams have looked to make changes in the first half of the season adding players and removing players from the roster.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 8)

The CFL is a league that centres around the QB more than any other football league in the world. The NFL may be turning into a passing league where the QBs are becoming more essential but the CFL has been a passing league for decades. With only three downs to work with and a bigger field teams need to get the ball out to the edges and extend the field.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 7)

Teams in the CFL have now seen the first part of the season come and go and with that came some adjustments in each team. All teams have made small adjustments in the last two weeks as they get their byes to help new players adjust. None of these moves were very big though until this past week when the Toronto Argonauts dropped a bomb on the CFL.

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