Tuesday Morning QB (Week 7)

Teams in the CFL have now seen the first part of the season come and go and with that came some adjustments in each team. All teams have made small adjustments in the last two weeks as they get their byes to help new players adjust. None of these moves were very big though until this past week when the Toronto Argonauts dropped a bomb on the CFL.

TMQB: Civic Holiday Edition (Week 6)

As the CFL enters the middle part of the season many things will begin to happen as teams begin to change. Through 6 weeks of the season teams have begun to forge a name for themselves either as a team to be feared or a team who cannot get it together. Many teams though are still trying to get into a groove with new players and offences just beginning to get into a groove.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 2)

The CFL Season is through two weeks but the major talk is still centered around one big theme in the first week of the season. This big theme was the utter dominance of the Western Division over the Eastern Division in week 1. The preseason talk was all about how good the Eastern Conference looked so much better in 2012.

Tuesday Morning QB (Conference Semi-Finals)

The CFL began their playoffs as four teams played in the Conference Semi-Finals for their chance as the Conference title. With six teams in the running for the Grey Cup two, The BC Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers, were waiting for the results of this past week. With the games this past week some big questions came up as two QBs look into their future and see some unsure times ahead.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 18)

The CFL is very close to the finish line with only one week to go in the regular season and the Grey Cup just around the corner. As is usual with the CFL there has been little decided with plenty of opportunity to change the look of the playoffs. So far all of the playoff teams have clinched with the Toronto Argonauts and the Saskatchewan Roughriders out of the playoffs. Both teams are out of the playoffs this year but that did not stop them from making the most noise this week.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 17)

The playoff teams are established but the playoffs are far from figured out as the battle continues to rage for positions. The importance of these positions is critical as teams have now gone through 17 weeks with one week off. They have played 8 straight weeks until this point and will play a total of 10 straight weeks straight when the season is over.

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