2018 CFL Draft Preview

The CFL Draft is one of the more unique drafts in the world as the balancing act of finding the right guy that can play at the right time makes it a difficult draft to win.

2016 CFL Draft Preview

It is time for CFL General Managers to work their magic in one of the most difficult times of year as the CFL Draft is right around the corner.

The Balancing Act of the CFL Draft (2013 CFL Draft Preview)

The CFL Draft does not have the hype surrounding it that it’s cousin to the south does but it continued to get bigger. The CFL is a constantly growing league as they look to make events out of everything like the league that does it the best to the South. The NFL has become the most successful sports league in North America because they have figured out how to make every event a major deal.

2012 CFL Draft Preview

NFL and CFL drafts have a close relationship even though they are part of two very different leagues. The NFL draft is always held a week before the NFL draft and has become one of the biggest events on the NFL calendar. The CFL draft is beginning to become a big deal but is still nowhere near the importance of the NFL draft in the CFL calendar.

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