2018 CFL Preview: 5 Storylines to Watch

The CFL Season is about to begin as an extra week have extended the year and a new season means a lot more to watch for with a commissioner just getting comfortable and big changes taking most of the headlines heading into 2018 season.

2017 CFL Preview: 5 Storylines to Watch

The CFL Season is almost hear and with it comes a whole new set of talking points for the 2017 season where teams look to get back to being competitive and stars hope to rise from the bench.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 2)

The CFL Season is through two weeks but the major talk is still centered around one big theme in the first week of the season. This big theme was the utter dominance of the Western Division over the Eastern Division in week 1. The preseason talk was all about how good the Eastern Conference looked so much better in 2012.

TMQB: Labour Day Edition (CFL Week 10)

Labour Day weekend did not disappoint the hype as the weekend provided a number of surprises. With the first half of the season officially finished teams began the long trek to the Grey Cup. The teams at the bottom of the league were trying to turn around their season and the top teams looked to keep their season going. Saskatchewan made the biggest change as they fired their head coach Greg Marshall and brought back last year’s head coach Ken Miller in order to turn their season around. The rest of the Western Conference was also trying turn things around except the Calgary Stampeders.


As the Buffalo Bills enter their last year in the Toronto Series the debate to whether the NFL should make their way to Toronto permanently. Of course with the Toronto Mayor’s approval the prospect of the NFL coming to Toronto is a little bit more likely. Although there is some interest in the NFL coming to Toronto their needs to be some discussion over the effect it will have on the Toronto Argonauts. The CFL and the NFL have been competing for the collective attention of football fans in Canada and bringing the NFL to Canada would increase this competition greatly. Many football fans see the CFL as an amateur league with less skill and not anywhere near the NFL level. CFL diehards believe that the NFL is boring and slow and is all smoke and mirrors in terms of their superiority. This debate rages on within any circle of football fans.

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