CFHOF Profile: Damon Allen

In Canadian football 12 players take the field for each side and fight it out in the one sport that values team more than ever. If one player misses their assignment the entire play can be blown causing a big defensive play or a Touchdown. It is the ultimate team sport where every player must do their part for things to go right.

CFHOF Profile: Milton Stegall

Every now and then special talents come about in sports and they light up the league as one of the best players in the world at their position. More often than not in football these special talents tend to find their way to the NFL one way or another. They either get noticed quickly in the NCAA ranks and are drafted by the NFL or they are not noticed and use the CFL as a way to get to the NFL.

CFHOF Profile: Eric Lapointe

Being an athlete is a rough profession at any level but in football making the jump from college to professional is especially difficult. Players who make that jump realize fast that the next level features the biggest, strongest, fastest, and smartest football players in the sport. For some this can be extremely overwhelming as they are put in a situation that they have never been in before.

CFHOF Profile: Jack Abendschan

In the CFL there are fans and then there is Rider Nation proudly wearing their Green everywhere they go. Fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders are a special breed and they proudly hold the distinction as the best fans in the league. Other fans of other teams may debate it but you only need to see one game where the Riders are travelling to see how many Rider fans there are.

CFHOF Profile: Harvey “Tyrone” Jones

Football is a very physical game with big men hitting other big men and major collisions coming out as the result. It is more than just physical though as the mental aspect of the game is also a major part of the sport. The mental aspect of the game comes in to play mainly because it has to come in to play. In football most teams prepare essentially the same and are built much the same.

CFHOF Profile: David Braley

There are plenty of legends in the CFL and throughout the history of the CFL with many of them celebrated especially this year. With the 100th Grey Cup right around the corner people have heard plenty about the legends of the game. There are the Lionel Conachers, the Doug Fluties, the Ron Lancasters, the Pinballs, and many more.

CFHOF Profile: Peter Connellan

The Hall of Fame is always an honour and in football there are a number of ways to be honoured in a number of halls. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is for those players, coaches, and executives who have made an impact on the game. This generally means that only NFL players get invited to the halls of Canton.

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