CFHOF Profile: Dave Dickenson

There is little doubt as to the most important position in football as the quarterback is the beginning and the end to every offensive play in football.

CFHOF Profile: Eddie Davis

Defensive back Eddie Davis comes from the same time period as his fellow hall of famer Bob Wettenhall but had a completely different view.

CFHOF Profile: Gene Makowsky

There is something special about football in the middle of the country as there is no bigger hotbed than the prairies.

CFHOF Profile: Leroy Blugh

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015 is one that shows the inclusion of the hall of fame with the so many different contributors.

CFHOF Profile: Bob O’Billovich

Retirement for many professional players can be a very tough thing as there is little preparation for after football life.

CFHOF Profile: Bob Wetenhall

On the field there has been nobody more important to the Montreal Alouettes than Anthony Calvillo.

CFHOF Profile: Larry Reda

The Canadian Football Hall of fame is a unique place in the sports world as it is not reserved for the professional players and builders.

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