NHL Week in Review (Off-Season Outlook)

The NHL season is over but as with every year the time to reflect is short with the off-season set to begin and the NHL draft right around the corner there are plenty of storylines to follow until the new season begins in October.

NHL Week in Review (April 6-12)

The NHL Playoffs are right around the corner with only one day left in the regular season and all of the playoff spots locked up. There is no more playoff race as all eight spots in each conference are now gone. The only thing left to do is to determine the final matchups of the playoffs with teams continuing to fight for positioning. This year there are the usual teams who have made a great run into the playoffs and will return for another strong performance. Above all of them the Boston Bruins stand at the top of the NHL this year winning the President’s Trophy with the league’s best record.

2013 HHOF Profile: Brendan Shanahan

The Hall of Fame is a unique part of sports as it is one of the parts of sport that provides the most debate. Every year players become eligible and players from the past remain eligible and fans debate which players should go in. No matter what the decision is there will be those that are upset that their favorites got in or that the people they thought should have no chance actually made it in.

A Tough Year for the Voters (HHOF Preview)

Hall of Fames are one of the biggest sources of debate in every sport throughout the world as everyone wants their favorites to be in. There are countless numbers of players who will never see the hall and should realistically never see the hall unless they pay for a ticket.

NHL Week in Review (Nov. 13-19)

The NHL has always been a different league than most as it expresses the virtues of frontier justice. The NHL has always been a league that takes out their indiscretions on the ice through the physicality of the game. This is the basis of fighting in the NHL as fighting has been a way to solve issues on the ice between the two tough guys or one tough guy and the cause of the problem.

NHL Week in Review (Oct. 9-15)

Fighting in the NHL is an essential part to the game no matter what anyone would like to say about fighting being unnecessary in the game. Much like hitting in the NHL Fighting has been much maligned over the past years as the NHL tries to make their sport fan friendly for the audience. Removing fighting has been discussed many times but repeatedly has been met with resistance from players and fans. I am on the side of keeping fighting as it serves a purpose in hockey as a way to instantly change momentum by winning the fight or at least putting on a good show for your team and the fans.

NHL Week in Review (Oct. 6-8)

The NHL has gone through some changes this year after the growing concern over the injuries in the game. With Sidney Crosby remaining out due to a concussion the NHL has begun to take precautions in order to stop the head injury trend. With the NHL attempting to save a sinking ship in the U.S. they have also been attempting to make it friendlier for the consumer. This has led to the appointment of Brendan Shanahan as the Vice President of hockey and business operations or the simpler title of NHL disciplinarian. Shanahan has been at work in the last few weeks with a number of controversial hits so far.

The Cold is back and so is the NHL (Season Preview)

Last year the NHL saw yet another record losing streak fall unfortunately for Toronto fans it was not their Stanley Cup streak. Instead it was the Boston Bruins streak who had not won a Stanley Cup since the 1971-72 season. It also saw a streak continue as the six Canadian teams again were not able to break their 17 year Stanley Cup drought. They again had a chance and a very good chance with the Vancouver Canucks but were unable to pull off the win. This left the Boston Bruins as the defending champs and the Vancouver Canucks as the defending Western
Conference champions for the second time in Franchise history.

The Future of the Game Continues to Develop

The NHL held their second annual Research and Development Camp to look at new rules in the game. This idea started as through the NHL Lockout as a part of the development team in the NHL headed by Brendan Shanahan. The purpose of this camp is to look at a number of proposed rule changes that are meant to help the game. Proposals can be anything from icing rules to referee communication. It is the NHL’s way to remain at the cutting edge of the sports world and make the game better.

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