NCAA Football Report (Bowl Week 3)

The Bowl Season is almost over and a champion is about to be crowned but that won’t stop many from wanting to see changes to how the championship is determined.

NCAA Football Report (Bowl Week 3)

The Bowl season is quickly coming to a close with only one week left in the NCAA’s postseason. The postseason has gone through plenty in the past few weeks with big wins and some very close games. As the next week of the bowl season begins the competition will only get better as better and better teams face off. The rankings begin to play a factor in the next week as ranked teams become more common throughout the bowls.

NCAA Football Report (Championship Week)

The NCAA Season is all but officially over as the conference championships have finished and the rankings are set. With only the Army-Navy game left on the schedule teams begin to get ready for their bowl games as all bowls have now been determined. Like almost everything this season in the NCAA it was not easy to decide the final rankings and determine the BCS Bowl Games.

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