MLB Week in Review (April 12-18)

One year ago this week the Boston Marathon would take on a new place in history when two bombs were detonated during the race. These two bombs would kill three people and injure 264 in a terrorist act that would rock the world. The attacks would become a much bigger story with the manhunt of the two people responsible for the bombings. The attacks would have a massive effect in Boston as a new movement arose out of the tragedy when Boston Strong was created. Bostonians have always been known as a proud people that have extreme loyalty to the place that they grew up.

2013 Year in Review (This Year’s Top Stories)

2013 was not a sports powerhouse year as there were no major events throughout the year but that wouldn’t stop the stories from coming. There was plenty to talk about this year despite the lack of major world events. It was a year of great surprises but one aspect of the year took over the rest. 2013 was not the most positive year for sports as heroes fell almost monthly in a year that was not great for those who support the merits of sports and sports figures.

MLB Week in Review (April 13-19)

The beginning of the week in the MLB was supposed to be a celebration of one of the greatest and most influential baseball players in MLB history. April 15th would mark Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB where every team and every player would wear the now league-wide retired #42. It was supposed to be a day of celebration for the man who broke the colour barrier in the American past time.

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