Will Acadia Overcome the Huskies (Loney Bowl Preview)

The AUS has been dominated by the Saint Mary’s Huskies for a very long time as they are always at the top of the conference. In the last four years the Huskies have finished first in the AUS and have taken home four Jewett Trophies in a row. This dominance is typical in the smallest conference in the CIS with only four teams in the league.

Huskies Set to Repeat (AUS Preview)

They do it differently in the East Coast of Canada but the one thing they do very well is play football. There are only four teams in the AUS Football league but they all have a history that other schools can’t match. Every one of the teams has made an appearance in the Vanier Cup and three of the four have one the big prize. None of these teams has a bigger history than the St. Mary’s Huskies who have made it to a total of nine Vanier Cups. They have a total record of 3-6 in the big game and are repeatedly a favorite to make it every year.

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