UFC on ESPN+ 11 Preview

The UFC’s light heavyweight division is a tough place to live as great fighters are held back from a great champion forcing them to fight it out and figure out the future later.

Legacy on the Line in Vegas

The UFC headed to the fight capital of the world where three fighters looked to preserve their legacy or build a legacy with plenty on the line in a stacked card.

UFC 235 Preview

The UFC loads a card as three fighters are looking to solidify their legend in the octagon with two titles fights and a much-anticipated UFC debut.

Looking for Some Heat

The UFC is in the midst of another era change and as the change occurs veterans are looking to cash-in leaving everyone else looking to become undeniable.

UFC Fight Night 138 Preview

The UFC is through the haze of the McGregor return and getting back to fighting where contenders look to bring their names back into the headlines.

Becoming a Legend Killer

Anthony Smith was looking to bounce back from his second loss in the UFC by putting a legend on his record and at UFC Hamburg he had a chance to put a second legend on his record in two months.

UFC Fight Night 134 Preview

The UFC is in an era where perception can be the most important thing and for a fighter with connections to Pride the perception is that he is on his way out but he looks to shut that down at UFC Hamburg.

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